1. About "God-built" a NFT collectible project

1. About "God-built" a NFT collectible project
"God built" - a NFT Project of Chiep

The NFT collection “GOD-built” is a story (artwork) inspired by ​​Chiep a idea ( Alex Ace - founder of the NFT community development project in Vietnam https://www.facebook.com/groups/nftsvietnam).

The “GOD-built” series will consist of random NFTs that frame a story about the origin of humanity nowadays.
The story takes place in the year of 264 Triassic, the glorious Azure was destroyed by a nuclear explosion - an inevitable consequence of the race for a large ore mine - Ethereum (ETH) between Basic Humans (Azure) and Elon (planet Z). At this time, Basic Human had run all over the universe to survive and to avoid the hunt of Elon. After a very long journey, they found Earth – a perfect planet to hide and heal, they all agreed it will be their new home.

Basic human moved to the Earth (264 Triassic)

Here they have to adapt to a new living environment: higher gravity, time switching from 25h/day to 24h/day, hot weather, and humid air... To survive, they have to evolve by giving up the mechanical body parts which are controlled by the energy source from the ETH - a fraught and painful process that is no different from death.
However, Liza - leader of Basic human group - discovered that Earth has a piece of ETH stone, guarded by The Rock (The Rock is an interplanetary nomadic tribe, headed by King Vitalik, they came to Earth to extract Gold and Diamond with the great desire to create ETH from these two materials - Vitalik had created ETH before with random lucky test but can't do it again)

ETH or give up the mechanical body parts to adapt to the new environment

At this point, Liza has to choose between:

  1. Approaching Vitalik by exchanging love, sex, and whatever… to hold ETH and hopefully be able to rely on Vitalik's invention to create ETH
  2. Find a way destroy Vitalik and The Rock to rob ETH. This is a selfish option because volume ETH that Vitalik owns cannot maintain the long-term strength for Basic Human development process.
  3. Or finding a way to give up the mechanical body parts to adapt to the new environment.

This is Chiep’s unique idea to build the one-of-a-kind NFT set for sale on the Foundation.app platform - a limited platform that only selects qualified authors to come up with really outstanding NFT sets.

Chiếp (@chiep) | Foundation
Ohlala.. I’m Alex Ace - 38 years old.I ♥ NFT Collections. I’m based in Hanoi.Ξ Blockchain | NFTs | Cryptocurrency

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